3 From The Aether

by Tuxedo Cat Sings!

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This EP is the auditory accompaniment to my Facebook Pages 'The Aether Collage.' www.facebook.com/theaethercollage and Cats & Music www.facebook.com/catsandmusic

Retro-futurism is a thematic element of this EP. Think art deco, airships, streamlining, robots like in the movie “Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow” www.skycaptain.com

Thank you to prog rock's Yes's/Circa's Billy Sherwood for re-mixing 3FTA to step the sound quality up a notch. Billy could not fix everything, but he did fix a lot. www.billysherwoodhq.com

Finally, a huge THANK YOU!!! to songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/and just plain great guy Dave "Doc" Holladay of Nashville TN for all the support and supporting musicianship related to getting these amateur, skeletal songs realized in greatly expanded instrumental form. In other words, Doc played everything that you hear on this EP besides mandolin. He did a great job given both the tuning and timing oddities that he encountered with the original tapes. www.reverbnation.com/docholladaymusic


released August 1, 2011

All vocals and mandolin: Tuxedo Cat Sings!

All other instrumentation/arrangements: Dave "Doc" Holladay (xCrucial Smith newgrass; now well-known indie country artist) Nashville TN.

Harmony vocals on "Songs From The Flood": Kyle Wood (xCrucial Smith), Nashville TN. Kyle's great CD 'The Kyle Wood Project: OFF THE RAILS' can be purchased at iTunes.

Re-mixed April, 2012 by Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa:)

All Words and Music reg. copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. All songs BMI.



all rights reserved


Tuxedo Cat Sings! Virginia

Tuxedo Cat Sings! is a little bit of folk, a little bit of aether, and a little bit of quirk.

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Track Name: Songs From The Flood
Songs from the Flood c Steve Sikes-Nova/Tuxedo Cat Sings! copyright 2010, registered c 2011, Words and Music, BMI, All Rights Reserved

*Songs from the flood, Songs from the flood, Songs from the flood

Take me home, Take me home, Take me home

Hey, you there............................

Flood #1 was a bright new cool laugh all through the night of spring green dials

Radio bars bursting over the stars comets dance the miles

To receive and believe what was said so long ago dead in the starry night

Radio plays spanning those halcyon days lost in solo flight

Lost and alone he crouched on down by the stone small amongst tall trees

Shadowy laughter followed oh so long long ago after the stars rose high

So he moved towards the lake hoping his motion would not wake the
giant there beneath

Then the ground opened wide the crystal caverns inside called to him, called to him...

Under the seabed a railway station lies dead it waits for you

Tracks gleam thinking of steam in a station so lost oer in Flood #2

Hey is there someone up out there still breathing the free air that now can see?

A railroad dream is but a nightmare you see if you shan’t {stand by me}x3 *back to beginning...
Track Name: Where Dreams Can Go
Where Dreams Can Go c Steve Sikes-Nova/Tuxedo Cat Sings! From the EP '3 From The Aether' 'Registered copyright 2010, 2011, Words and Music – BMI; All Rights Reserved

There’s a place where dreams can go
Where no one has the time
Where sun and wind no longer flow
And silence walks the line

Hearts are hearts they beat on deep be they
stardust, metal or mine
Sometimes I no longer know;
Sometimes I no longer know.

There’s a path we must take to find out as we make up our lives
Some may shine some may break some may take to the seas some may fly...
All around us are dreams through the aether they soar tell me why...
Do some crash oh so soon by the light of the moon;
By the light of the moon by the light.

Somewhere Somewhere Be my heart

Somewhere Somewhere Be my star

And oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...

Dream me a light in the dark in the dark

Shine me a light in the dark;

There’s a place where dreams can go
Where no one has the time
Where sun and wind no longer flow
And silence walks the line

Hearts are hearts they beat on deep be they
stardust, metal or mine

Sometimes I no longer know;
Sometimes I no longer know.
Track Name: And The Ghosts of Rapid Transit Played...
And The Ghosts of Rapid Transit Played Words & Music c Steve Sikes-Nova, 2010; registered copyright 2011; All Rights Reserved; BMI

*repeat first verse at end.

Ancient tears-of-metal-welled-up, from the sea, the moon still a sleep her amberred, pastelled light; was now a shining there


Seven-and-a-counting years a-new, century, the sun hadn’t set but yet the angels’glow, was-a-shining there,

(And The) Ghosts of Rapid Transit played, (their monster) “Spectre of a Love Parade”;

While-she pulled back down on her faded, cratered, copper shade

Through billowing clouds of blue industrial smoke, the band spoke of that great ecstatic cosmic joke

Then flash a flood arose, (and let whose) ancient nature capture those, who marched along and brightly sang in the toy, automaton; parade

And did we-not all, arise

gathered near on starlit banks

harmonies rose sweet from our ranks

tears of carbon we shed in thanks

moons shone brightly on polished planks

for we were born of stone, cast in light, our story’s told from deep behind; our eyes

(And She says:)

Capture all my starlight as you ride; young dwarves are flyin’, old giants lay dyin’

cogs and wheels turning slowly round as old tunes spin anew, I’m radiating towards you,

to wind us deep into the roundhouse call of the future;

(And He says:)

Stars of blue magenta green and stars of other suns... long the years we’ve run...down the slopes, to bathe in time’s cool waters;

your eyes they’re glowing brightly in the purple dawn; we’ve come to know; the treasures found; for all it takes, for all it sounds,

we’re in their wake, we’re in the round, and far beyond our time... *